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Boston street Art

parkstreet1The Park street station subway – Boston, M.A. (1897)
It is surely fun to see art while waiting for the train.

In this boston trip we planned on visiting Harvard and MIT campuses in cambridge.  After taking  couple of pictures in and around campus, we visited great architecture buildings and local street festivals. Then I see the art stuff popping up every where, the work of local artists.I think  these local artists need to have a kind of permit to paint and exhibit their works on streets as I see them on private-owned properties like walls and doors, man-holes, electrical poles and trees.  This is when I was very much attracted to street graffiti more over the art is like the contemporary and vintage art, done layers over other layers, using spray paints and stencils. I think it is a great freedom of showing contemporary views in the form of 085boston-1 083

Here’s hoping it keeps going!

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