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sweet shells (gavvalu)

Andhra flour recipes (pindi vantalu) which can be stored for longer time and served as snacks.


pinch of salt
water as required
oil for deep frying
sugar Syrup
1 cup of water
1/4 cup sugar / jaggery
1/2 tbsp cardamom pwdr

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Pour olive oil in pan and make it hot.
1. Make a soft dough of maida, salt and butter by adding enough water. Keep aside for 15 mts. Make small marble sized balls.
Use thumb to press each ball gently onto the back of fork/grater to roll into a shell shape. Prepare shells with all prepared balls and keep aside.
2  Take a heavy bottomed vessel, add the sugar/jaggery and water and let it melt. Cook till the syrup becomes thick. To check the correct syrup consistency, drop some syrup into a bowl of water and if turns into a soft ball, its the right time to turn off heat. Add cardamom pwd and turn off heat.
3  Heat a heavy bottomed vessel, add enough oil for deep frying, once the oil turns hot, add the gavvalu and deep fry to a golden brown shade. Remove onto absorbent paper and immediately add to the syrup. Combine well to coat the gavvalu and let it reach room temperature. Store in air tight container.
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